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An orchestra conductor is built on constant high standards, technique and, above all, a philosophy. His perception of music is sensitive: he speaks to it, he feels it and he loves it. It is this love that he must communicate and pass on.


Philippe Fournier 

Content and specific training

To conduct :
leadership, expertise, charisma

This course provides a entire work on the development of key components needed to conduct an instrumental or vocal band:

Gesture technic
Group Psychology
Scores Analysis
Orchestration and Organology
The development of the conductor’s knowledge and personality


This training is focused around various educational activities, such as:

Of course practical and theoretical
Exchanges, discussions, self-critical, discussions between trainees and coaching
A skills review at the beginning and at the end of the course
Meetings with expert speakers and mentoring by professional conductors

The conducting courses with Philippe and Jean-Pierre were an outstanding and highly enriching experience. For six years, I've followed this course, which has helped me learn the profession of conductor and my life as a musician. The course format allows total immersion and all the other students are also a great source of inspiration. It was a wonderful human and musical experience!


I took part in the conducting course organised by Philippe Fournier in 2022. It was a first for me, as I normally conduct choirs. And it was a great experience, which confronted me with my fears, but which I'm delighted to have achieved. I'd recommend this course to anyone who wants to discover or improve their conducting skills. It's a great, timeless experience that gives you the tools you need and, for me, a bit more self-confidence in front of an orchestra!


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